Election Commission

The primary purpose of the Blount County Election Commission as designated by Tennessee Code Annotated (TCA 2-1-102) is to regulate the conduct of all elections by the people so that:

  • the freedom and purity of the ballot are secured
  • voters are required to vote in the election precincts in which they reside except as otherwise expressly permitted
  • internal improvement is promoted by providing a comprehensive and uniform procedure for elections; and
  • maximum participation by all citizens in the electoral process is encouraged.

The Blount County Election Commission is responsible for all elections held within Blount County, including those of the cities of Alcoa, Friendsville, Louisville, Maryville, Rockford, and Townsend.

Libby Breeding is the current Administrator of Elections. She is appointed by the Blount County Election Commission. The State Election Commission appoints the members of the Blount County Election Commission to two-year terms on the first Monday in April of each odd-numbered year. The commissioners must be registered voters, residents of the state for five (5) years, and residents of the county where appointed for two (2) years. The Blount County Election Commission Members are:

Don Walker, Chairman

Ben Rauhuff, Secretary

Bob Carroll, Member

Larry Garner, Member

Bill Crisp, Member